Ulster Tower, The Somme

Ulster Tower, The Somme

This looked like a fairytale tower to me, although the reason for its origin was any but fairytale like. It was built to honour the men of the 36th (Ulster) division after their decimation in the Battle of the Somme. Trees around it were planted by survivors and the tower was a replica of Helen’s Tower in County Down where the men had trained.


Grand Meteora

Meteora, Greece. A baking hot day, forty plus in the shade. I think I melted. But it was worth it for the views and the monasteries. They were built into the rocks, a way for monks to retreat to pray and to save their skins from the enemy. A tour of Grand Meteora brought about some interesting and unexpected sights: museums and displays which honoured the dead of the wars, martyred, the military dead as well as the religious. Funny how the two so often cross.