About Me

I started writing when I was around 10 and obsessed with school stories, namely Elinor M Brent-Dyer’s Chalet School.  Much to the chagrin of my Junior 4 teacher, I refused to read anything else, hence my imagination was filled with the goings-on of a fictional primary school and a teacher who was disliked by all.  Not a bit like real life then!

I branched out in secondary school to other books and then found myself drawn to Patricia D. Cornwell’s (as she was back then) Cruel and Unusual.  I was gripped by crime fiction. Thankfully I steered away from that genre as I studied a degree in English Literature and eventually found myself trying to murder people in several different ways through writing.  Several finished-but-not-quite-right novels and fanfiction epics later, I’m on the cusp of self-publishing my first crime novel, We Were Never Alone.

Aside from being obsessed with the people in my head, I’m a teacher, have cats and collect various things, so I’m well on the way to becoming one of those strange women. However, I try to keep a balance by running 5k every week at my local parkrun, training for a half-marathon in March, practicing yoga and watching my football team attempt to win most Saturdays.

It’s a hard life…


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